Want to pitch Faster?

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How many times have I heard

  • We keep practicing the same things and she still does them wrong in her motion.
  • She throws illegal – she is crow hopping
  • Is there some drill she can do to throw faster?

Well here is the scoop

  • Pitching is hard and requires many repetitions to create a consistent motion

    The current generation wants “magic dust” this means they don’t want to put hours and hours of practice in but yet still want high level results. I blame apps. Kids want to press a button and get what they want immediately – pitching sadly does not work this way. 

  •  If a pitcher was taught the basics incorrectly in their formative stage – it takes even more reps to create the correct motion
    Not all pitchers look the same (style) but there are key mechanical components all pitchers do the same. These are they key. If these mechanics are not done correctly, pitchers will be less accurate, have less speed and be more prone to injury. 
    I call this the Tim Tebow effect – remember when Tim became a pro and tried to change his throwing mechanics? He worked incredibly hard to change and in practice he did but when the live game happened his body reverted to his old mechanics. Same with the fastpitch motion, the longer you do incorrect mechanics the harder it is to fix them and get them in your full game motion.
  • Drills don’t always work
    Yes, I said it. You can’t just do a drill and it “fixes” your motion. Now if you are a beginning pitcher, drill work is essential as it teaches the body to move part by part and helps a young pitch put together the full motion piece by piece. In older pitchers, I have found that when you try and “fix” a mechanical flaw in a motion just doing a drill does not always translate into correcting the flaw in the motion. I would see “drill mechanics” and “full motion” mechanics and there was not a bridge built between the two. It would take some tedious work to make the drill changes become consistent in their motion. In some cases it never happened and you accept the version of the student you have reached.
  • Many of our mechanical flaws are due to a lack of strength in our legs and hips
    This image is a common problem – lack of hip action. The hips in a female are some of the biggest muscles and sadly some of the weakest. This back hip problem can be caused by several factors. Over striding (step farther and throw faster! – wrong!!) Weight leaning forward too soon in the motion – causing this “drop the anchor” in the back leg to balance. But one of the most neglected reasons is a lack of hip strength (especially landing leg hip). When we push so hard off the pitching rubber and ask our front leg and hip to stop that force and stabilize our body and when we do not have that strength?  Problems ensue from the glove side flying out and causing the front shoulder to open too early (this causes lack of speed improvement, accuracy problems and increased change of injury as the throwing should is overtaxed). ​


    So what do we do?

    Strengthen our athletes – even the young ones.



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