Hello and welcome to our class – learn to pitch in fastpitch softball. We will teach the foundations of fastpitch pitching in this course but it is up to you to practice to be able to repeat the mechanics consistently. It really is about good habits which requires proper practice. A pitcher should not have to think about her mechanics in the game.

Here at Fastpitch Online Academy, we have been teaching pitching for over 50 years combined. We have worked with hundreds of players who have gone on to pitch in college. Whether your player’s goal is to pitch in college or for now – just pitch – we will start you on the road to success.

When teaching any athletic activity, the first mechanics a player learns are the most important. With the correct foundation mechanics, a pitcher will have more speed and strike zone command. Take it from me, it is so much easier to learn the correct way from the start then to try and reteach correct mechanics later in her career. 

When starting on this journey, remember the following:

  1. Practice makes permanent not perfect unless you practice the movements perfectly.
  2. It does take practice! There is no magic dust!
  3. Be patient and work the form – drills for a beginner are crucial as they teach the body the correct movements and increases strength and balance. The pitching motion is very complex. Strength and balance (core stability)  are extremely important.
  4. Focus on proper form and speed – if you do the mechanics correctly the accuracy will come with it.

We can teach you the correct movement but it is up to you to practice. Practice intentional meaning working the form every time you go out to pitch. Don’t just throw full motion from the mound. Intentionally work the drills and try for perfect form. Young pitchers will not get it right away but over time it will improve their speed and accuracy. It does not have to be “perfect” but we should strive to get every drill and movement correct – not just speed through the work out. Quality over quantity. 

Feel free to email questions – we do offer individualized video introduction virtually.